Customer service

Written by on 13th May 2011
Category: SilverDoor news

“Press one for reservations, press two for marketing and press three for all other enquiries”. There’s nothing worse than trying to make a quick phone call, and having to go through the same old, tedious automated menu that many service providers seem to have.

At SilverDoor we realise the importance of good customer service, and ensure that our service is easy for our clients to use and that we maintain a professional, friendly and efficient attitude in all we do. When you phone SilverDoor, not only are you put through directly to one of our Sales Team, but we can also guarantee that we will pick up the phone within three rings, equivalent to just eight seconds.

When booking an apartment which is going to be your home away from home, for whatever the duration of your stay, it is important that the questions you have are answered before you arrive at the apartment. What is seen as insignificant by one person may be vital to another. One person may want a ground floor apartment due to a fear of heights, whereas another may want to be high up to avoid the street noise. For a smoker, a balcony would be a great bonus, while for a film fanatic not having pay-per-view TV would be almost as bad as having no TV at all. No matter what the question, we are able to answer it, and having visited all of our most popular serviced apartments between us, we can give a first-hand, honest insight into the vast majority of the apartments on our website.

Not only do we pride ourselves on answering the phone within three rings, but we also have an enquiry turnaround time of two hours, ensuring that we will email our clients with a choice of apartments within two hours from when their enquiry was submitted (within office hours).  As well as this, we have a call back service and a live chat facility, which is popular among many of our international clients. Live chat helps to break down language barriers, offering an easy way for less able English speakers to enquire about our services.

However, many people who don’t speak English as their first language will still phone us to enquire, and with the vast range of languages we speak between us at SilverDoor, we are often able to put them through to someone who speaks their native language.

No matter what your enquiry, we can guarantee that with SilverDoor you will receive an efficient, professional and friendly service, and that your phone call will be answered within three rings, without going through an automated service.