Gareth Bale, are you in need of a serviced apartment?

Written by on 2nd August 2013
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Recent news surrounding Spurs star Gareth Bale suggests a possible move to Spanish giants Real Madrid. With this in mind, how would a serviced apartment benefit a footballer in his situation?

International football transfers might involve significant fanfare but are essentially relocations. They involve taking one (talented) individual and all that they hold dear, and moving them to another country, which is essentially the same as relocation in business.

Transfers can be instantaneous; the player may be expected at training shortly afterwards, even without a firm plan of how to make the move. Housing that person has to be done quickly and at short notice, whilst more permanent housing arrangements can be made. What’s more, the choice of temporary accommodation, and the experience it provides during this transition, can make or break any decision for the player to stay at their new club in the long term. This example is consistent with the challenges any business professional faces when relocating.

Bale has a young daughter and a family like Owen did when he made the switch from Anfield to the Bernabeu. A relocation includes much more than just the individual as their family and possessions all need to go with them. Without these things it can be very unsettling and can drastically affect their performance on the pitch or in the boardroom. A serviced apartment can provide the privacy and space they need to live and not just to stay.

Relocations for sport or business need not be a difficult experience and a serviced apartment can often be the perfect interim solution. In the case of Gareth Bale a two-bed serviced apartment in Recoletos, Madrid, just a nine minute drive to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, could well be the key. So if you’re Gareth’s manager, why don’t you give us a call?

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