How ISAAP's Global Accreditation Programme Helps Serviced Apartment Operators Succeed

How ISAAP's Global Accreditation Programme Helps Serviced Apartment Operators Succeed

How ISAAP's Global Accreditation Programme Helps Serviced Apartment Operators Succeed
21st March 2018

By Anton Constantinou

ISAAP (the International Serviced Apartment Accreditation Programme) is the leading global accreditation system for the serviced apartment sector. It is the vehicle through which members of the ASAP (the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers), including its owner, receive access to a Quality Assessment & Accreditation Programme, responsible for maintaining industry standards and maximising business growth. The programme receives further circulation to the CHPA (Corporate Housing Providers Association) of North America, and a number of other industry-related bodies globally.

So far, over 100 serviced apartments operators and eight serviced apartment agents, including SilverDoor Apartments have been quality accredited by ISAAP, in 15 countries from as far west as California to as far east as Australia and The Philippines. By the end of June this year, that number may increase to 22 countries, with ISAAP delivering quality accreditation services to operators as far away as New Zealand and Mexico.

As you’re reading this piece, there will be two ISAAP Quality Assessment Consultants in North America providing re-accreditation services and new quality accreditations to eight providers simultaneously.

ISAAP is truly the leading global quality accreditation service provider for the serviced apartment, corporate housing and executive suites sector.

So why is it that providers of serviced apartments want to be quality accredited? And why is that demand for ISAAP to provide this service is growing to such a degree?

Interestingly, some providers state that they operate a policy of almost “positive discrimination” when it comes to working with supply partners, in that they actively prefer to only work with those providers who also display the Quality Accreditation marque.

Growth in demand is coming from three main areas:

1. ASAP has announced that all members of the association are to be quality accredited by ISAAP, and this initiative will have achieved its aim by end of August this year. This in itself raises the quality standard within ASAP membership - specifically in the UK and Europe, but also helps drive industry standards globally.

2. There is now a significant momentum for agent and OTA-type platforms requiring all their supply partners to be quality accredited in order to have their properties featured on the platforms/sites. This is the newest form of demand we’ve seen.

3. CHPA continues to promote the ISAAP QA & Accreditation Programme across its vast membership in North America. The programme experienced an unprecedented level of interest and engagement at this year’s CHPA Conference in Las Vegas, where ISAAP Managing Director, Stephen Martin, had the great pleasure of presenting to a large group of CHPA delegates in a Partnering For Success seminar.


The three areas highlighted above stimulate interest and demand for the ISAAP quality accreditation standard, not just locally, but globally too.

Being ISAAP quality accredited, and thus able to display the Quality Accreditation marque, differentiates a business from its competitors and, through association, distinguishes the industry sector from the less regulated portions, such as parts of the sharing economy.

As the attainment of the quality standard and the display of the Quality Accreditation marque becomes the norm rather than the exception, corporate buying entities are making the conscious decision to actively select quality accredited providers’ properties over non-accredited ones, in the knowledge that certain standards of quality, comfort, compliance and duty of care have been met.

According to Stephen Martin: “By becoming ISAAP quality accredited, providers of serviced apartments, corporate housing and executive suites, are able to maximise their business growth potential and get more out of their RFP opportunities.”

For details on how to become ISAAP quality accredited, please get in touch with Stephen by emailing him at: [email protected].


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