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Written by on 6th November 2018
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In the quest to offer accommodation globally, our property operators have expanded to some excellent destinations around the world and adapted their offering to meet the needs of different countries and regions.

Adina Apartment Hotels is no stranger to such a journey and has moved from operating exclusively in Australia to providing properties all over Europe. With both apartments and hotels to its name, Adina meets the needs of modern travelers flexibly and conveniently, catering for guests of all ages and backgrounds.

Madeleine Berner, Adina’s Regional Senior Sales Manager, paid a visit to our London office and had this to say about the company – and her role in it:

Talk us through your role at Adina

I’m one of eight Regional Sales Managers for Adina. We all manage all properties in Europe for our clients, and focus on specific corporate regions.

I’m currently based in Frankfurt, and my clients are located in Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, France, Ireland and the UK. My sales colleague, Martina is located in Nuremberg, and takes care of our relocation partners.

Why has Adina chosen to operate in the locations that it does?

Adina is a hospitality brand specialising in aparthotels. The concept originated in Australia and was born from an idea its owners had to offer accommodation to people working for a construction company they managed at the time.

They opened an apartment building, and, following its success, moved on to providing hotel accommodation. As Hungarian nationals living in Australia, owners Mr. and Mrs. Vidor thought of expanding their hotel business in Europe, too. The first European Adina Hotel was opened in Budapest, followed by Copenhagen and then Berlin.

Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Checkpoint Charlie/ Image credit: Adina

How do you go about sourcing and selecting your properties?

Given the success of the extended stay market, investors and developers recognise Adina as the leading quality brand in Germany. To ensure our hotels’ success, we conduct thorough market analysis and tailor the product to the market regarding size, amenities, and design. Our primary focus is to create added value for our guests in markets where extended stay supply is weak and lacks a professional operator.

Which is your most popular destination and why?

We offer accommodation widely, and many of our locations are equally as sought after. However, Munich has the potential to be our most popular destination in the years to come as we expand in Germany.

How does Adina immerse its guests in their local neighbourhoods?

All Adina hotels boast on-site restaurants. Initially, all our restaurants looked the same and featured identical menus. However, as food trends have changed, so too has our food and beverage concept.

Each Adina hotel has been tasked with reviewing its restaurant offering, with a view to providing a more innovative and individualised food experience, unique to specific locations. This is an ongoing project. Some Adina restaurants have already changed their menus and breakfast buffets and it’s expected that others will follow soon.

So far, we’ve received positive feedback from guests and locals regarding the F&B changes.

Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Checkpoint Charlie/ Image credit: Adina

What luxury extras do you get with an Adina apartment?

Our apartments are very spacious, as a brand standard, with fully-equipped kitchens, washers, and dryers. In the public areas, guests have a wellness area (pool, sauna, gym) and a restaurant for breakfast, dinner, and drinks. Our new properties, meanwhile, benefit from flexible lobby areas offering pleasant work environments and meeting facilities. At the same time, the hotels all operate 24-hour receptions, as regular business hotels do.

Adina Apartment Hotel Copenhagen/ Image credit: Adina

What’s a typical Adina guest like?

Our guests vary in age but are generally open, friendly and practical-minded. Most remain loyal to us and have demonstrated a willingness to explore our extensive portfolio, with stays in different Adina apartments around the world.

What growth plans lie ahead for the company?

Right now, we offer 11 properties in Europe, and, by 2025 we’re planning to increase to 50 properties. A high proportion of that growth will come in Germany, but also we’re also looking to expand in other European countries. Outside of Europe, we’ll continue to grow our inventory in Australia and NZ.

TFE Hotels – our parent company – is also under review. We’re actively consolidating our Medina Serviced Apartments within the company, with the vision to rebrand and refurbish them to Adina Serviced Apartments.

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