Inside Scoop: Clair Coates, Supercity Aparthotels

Written by on 28th July 2017
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By Anton Constantinou

Clair Coates, Head of Sales for Supercity Aparthotels, was kind enough to swing by our London office this week for a chat about the operator’s brand offering, future goals and relationship with SilverDoor Apartments. Pulling back the curtain, she let us in on her favourite sort of holiday, and why she loves Sky’s streaming service, Now TV, so much.

What are your plans for the coming year?

We have plenty in the pipeline for the next 12 months, including the launch of a new aparthotel in Chancery Lane called the Chronicle, due to launch early 2018.

Meanwhile, as our Nevern Place property’s experienced an increase in demand, we’re expanding it to include a further eight apartments (four 1 bedroom units and four studio units).  Also on the way is our first Brighton property.

How would you describe your relationship with SilverDoor Apartments?

We’ve been working with SilverDoor Apartments for a considerable time, predominantly in London, and continue to embrace a strong and long-standing relationship with them.

What makes your service unique?

For now, at least, we’re purely London-based and specialise in aparthotels. Being a family-run business means we’re able to go that step further in terms of providing a friendly and flexible service.

How do your serviced apartments differ from others in the market?

All of our apartments are hand-picked and full of personal touches in terms of design. Guests benefit numerous luxuries including fantastic transport links, and private garden access at our Templeton Place property.

What challenges do you face as an operator?

The growth we’re experiencing as a company has brought with it changes to way things are done, and also flagged up gaps in our business model. For example, we found our 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday, reception service to be restrictive, service-wise, and responded by implementing a 24/7 team at our Templeton Place property which has been well received.

Given the chance, where would you open new properties?

Aside from Brighton, I would like to see new openings in other UK cities like Manchester and Edinburgh.

And now for the quick fire round:

Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Now TV all the way – namely because they show Game of Thrones.

City break or beach holiday?

Beach holiday.

Tea or coffee?

A weak coffee – I can’t handle the strong stuff.

Cats or dogs? 



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