Inside Scoop: Rotana

Written by on 21st August 2013
Category: SilverDoor news

Franco and Vicky talk to us about getting more for your money and what’s driving growth in the Middle Eastern serviced apartment sector.

What do you think the main differences are between serviced apartments in the UK and serviced apartments in the Middle East?

The main difference is that you get so much more space for your money with the serviced apartments in the Middle East.

Is the Middle Eastern sector growing?

Yes, definitely. I would probably say, without looking at facts and figures, that there is a massive amount of potential for the Middle Eastern sector coming out of the UK. That’s why we’re growing our portfolio in the UK and why the UK sales office is the largest overseas sales office for Rotana worldwide. The potential from the UK is hopefully going to be endless.

Is there a large leisure market in the Middle East?

No, it’s very much corporate based. Certainly there is a bit of leisure in there, but overall it is mainly corporate. The serviced apartments out there are very business-traveller orientated and get a lot of use from the corporate travel market.

What do you reckon the future holds for serviced apartments in the Middle East?

It’s only going to grow bigger. As I mentioned, there is a huge potential for business in the Middle East coming from the UK, and this is playing a large part in driving growth out there. The demand we experience is already high and Rotana is looking to double its portfolio in the next two years. It’s very likely that others will be looking to do the same.

Quick fire:

Ski or surf?

Franco: Ski

Vicky: Ski

BBQ or Sunday roast?

Vicky: BBQ

Franco: Sunday roast

Football or Rugby?

Vicky: Rugby

Franco: Football, although I am getting into rugby a bit more nowadays.