Making of the Christmas Card

Written by on 16th December 2013
Category: SilverDoor news

Now SilverDoor’s Christmas card for 2013 has been posted and perhaps arrived on your doorstep, visit our Christmas page to find out who’s who.

This year, our company hasn’t only grown behind the door but we’ve also extended again into number 5. For this year’s card we turned the office into a festive playground. So take a peek inside to find out what we’ve been up to.

Lights, camera, a motivating playlist and action! Scene by scene everyone turned up with their Christmas jumpers, onesies and festive spirit. The day began with Marcus and Angie welcoming you into the newly refurbished offices, whilst a table was laid upstairs for Christmas dinner. Party poppers were fired, crackers were pulled and everyone cheered to the upcoming festive season.

Open the card to find some familiar faces along with some fresh faced newbies. Spot the placement students wrapping up Stuart, Joanna and Sacha whilst reluctant Will, John and Jimmy strip down in the dressing room. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a little romance. Couples Chris and Lise and Sophie and Charlie kiss under the mistletoe held by a very lonely-looking cherub. At least we gave him a festive tie for good measure…

This is just to name a few scenes, but the Christmas chaos didn’t stop there. Throughout the day Paddy walked around our office dressed as an over-sized elf, we spilled red wine all over an ice-white Prada shirt and James weighed heavy on Martin’s shoulders for the rest of the day (not physically). So take a walk through 3 Dukes Gate and try not to disturb those who are all partied out in reception.

Make sure you tweet us @lovesilverdoor with your favourite scene using the hashtag #SDXmas13 and, if you want to see behind the scenes of the photo shoot, have a look at our Facebook page.