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One size doesn’t fit all

Written by on 18th March 2014
Category: Business travel and relocation

Over recent years the number of business travellers has increased and that means accommodation has stepped up to meet this demand. Understanding that there may be gender-specific needs, as well as individual requirements, is something that should be considered by the property owner and service provider. Personalisation, after all, is an important part of what we do and we know that one size doesn’t fit all. Tailoring an apartment to a specific gender, without overlooking the other, is vital to client needs and so is providing the homely things that nobody else thinks of.

Comfort in an apartment can be as simple as a sofa to curl up on and kitchen facilities to cook with fresh ingredients. These things are guaranteed, but now it’s becoming necessary to look beyond the obvious. With a calendar filled with business meetings and networking events it’s important to note that the traveller may have journeyed with more than just their hand luggage. Being able to hang clothes in a double wardrobe, as well as having room for a chest of drawers, reduces the ironing pile and maximises space. It’s the little things that help the traveller find their feet.

Full length mirrors and electricity points located near to them, as well as strong hairdryers and quality toiletries may sound simple, but they’re not always provided. By working with account managers, to source serviced apartments, means that relationships remain consistent and distinguishes a service that’s personal. We’re not suggesting that operators start laying out men’s interest magazines on coffee tables and placing pink bath bombs in the bathrooms. Tailoring the accommodation with additions that befit a certain lifestyle is something everyone should consider.

We’ve recently been visited by representatives from The Metropolitan at COMO, who see personalisation as being paramount to their product. Look out for the Inside Scoop with them coming later this week.