Paris, New York, Abu Dhabi and Grimsby

Written by on 26th October 2010
Category: SilverDoor news

Whether it’s seven nights or seven months, if you’re staying somewhere that you want to call home it is highly important that where you stay meets your expectations. For a lot of people who book serviced apartments, viewing the apartment beforehand is impractical and time consuming. This is why it is highly important that when you book your serviced apartment you speak to someone who can reassure the apartment is how it is described and how it looks.

At SilverDoor we pride ourselves on having seen all of our most-used serviced apartments. We write all our property descriptions ourselves, assuring that there is no misleading information, and we are able to tell our clients firsthand about the properties, reassuring them that they know what they are getting before they arrive at the apartment. Furthermore, we are able to answer any specific questions that our clients have, giving them an honest response, particularly as we are an independent agency and therefore unbiased in what we do.

From the glamorous Paris and New York, to the not so glamorous Grimsby, between us we have visited a vast number of our serviced apartments over a wide range of destinations. We also visit the serviced apartments London has to offer on a weekly basis, especially those that have been recently refurbished. This not only keeps us up to date with the facilities that each apartment has, but it also strengthens the relationships we have with our property partners, and ensures that we get the best possible rates for our clients.

To take things one step further, we are increasing the number of properties on our website that feature a 360 degree tour. Having the ability to see all the way around an apartment with a moving image, as opposed to a few static images, allows our clients to gain a much clearer representation of the apartments, enabling them to make a more informed decision when choosing their apartment.

In SilverDoor’s most recent trip, Rates Manager Alice Brunel-Cohen and Client Account Manager Oz Petruzziello flew to Belfast to visit our property partners and to view some of the apartments we hadn’t yet seen. This was a great opportunity for us to get to know our providers and strengthen old relationships with them. After their visit, Alice and Oz reported back with a detailed description of each apartment, listing the facilities and giving other details about each apartment that you wouldn’t get from an image or a description written by somebody else, such as what the surrounding neighbourhood is like or how near the local supermarket is.

Our next trip outside of the UK will be to Abu Dhabi serviced apartments in November, where we will visit potential new partners to add to our portfolio, while continuing to strengthen our relationships with our current property partners.