Reach for the Sky

Written by on 3rd October 2014
Category: SilverDoor news

With former New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg’s, recent and honest lambasting of London’s internet speed still ringing in our ears, it’s no wonder why we’re focussing on content providers such as Sky so much. The majority of serviced apartments across the UK have an internet connection that’s used primarily as a business/browsing function. We’re in the double screen generation where it’s common for people to have the likes of Sky Sports or their favourite romcom on the TV whilst checking emails, doing work or ‘Skyping’ family on a laptop or tablet. This certainly beats crouching over a laptop screen with no HD whilst waiting for the stream to buffer.

Internet within a space such as a serviced apartment needn’t be a substitute for a content provider such as Sky. It’s not surprising that more and more guests are requesting Sky from their serviced apartment providers, as the double screen generation want the best of both worlds. Sky also caters to an international audience, in particular ours, who are primarily business travellers. It’s no secret that business travellers are shaping the way the serviced apartment industry evolves, and that means inside and outside of the apartment.

Many serviced apartment providers currently don’t have Sky within their property because they either aren’t aware of the importance clients place on such a service or they think that it’s too expensive to run within their property. That’s why Sky has created the ideal solution for all parties by creating a package and partnering with SilverDoor.

The package is specific to serviced apartments, offering the ultimate value to providers with multiple properties. It’s not just the price that’s been adapted – Sky+ is included too! This is a dedicated package for our industry, which allows our property partners to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Take a look at some of our serviced apartments in London today or give us a call to discuss all the amenities and locations we can offer from our portfolio.

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