Rent a goldfish

Written by on 9th December 2013
Category: SilverDoor news

Settling into a serviced apartment with your family is easy enough, but the smallest member may be missing. When temporarily relocating most people have a preconceived belief that they can’t take their pets with them, but that isn’t always the case. Unlike hotels, flexible serviced apartments can provide pet-friendly spaces that are perfect options for you and your furry friends. As Htel Amsterdam – Amstelveen in the Netherlands are now offering guests the chance to rent a goldfish, we look at some of our property partners who welcome pets.

A home can feel complete with a pet, and many people don’t realise that a lot of serviced apartments welcome every member of the family. Pets are ideal for unwinding after a hard days work as they distract and de-stress; great for children so they aren’t separated from their beloved friend; and perfect company for partners who may not be working. Pets will help make relocation a success. Htel’s ‘rent a goldfish’ initiative not only provides guests with a temporary roommate, but it also encourages guests to bring along their pets from home. In addition to the goldfish scheme, Htel also welcome dogs, cats and any animal within reason. At SilverDoor, we get requests every day for people who are looking for properties that welcome their pet dog, cat, hamster, lizard, etc and there are plenty of serviced apartments out there that do this.

Our property partners have serviced apartments all over the world, and in great locations that are available with room for pets. Apartments such as St Marks Apartments, Islington, London, cater to families by opening their doors to pets. By putting as much emphasis on animals as the guests do, operators are encouraging people to leave no member of the family behind. Offering innovative solutions not only accommodates the priorities of guests but, above all else, makes their lives easier and more enjoyable. No matter where you go SilverDoor will find a place for all of the family.