SilverDoor Apartments Hosts First Partner Engagement Day

SilverDoor Apartments Hosts First Partner Engagement Day

SilverDoor Apartments Hosts First Partner Engagement Day
13th September 2019

We are extremely pleased to have hosted the first of our new series of Partner Engagement Days.

On Thursday the 12th of September at our London headquarters, we welcomed over 60 guests from 40 serviced apartment companies from across the UK and beyond.

We wanted to give our property partners the opportunity to engage with professionals from across the business travel community, inviting a handful of our corporate clients to take part in a panel discussion and Q&A.

Partner Engagement Day at SilverDoor Apartments London office
Panel from left to right: Chris Blair (Aviva), Daksha Hirani (Altair), Nicole Bestford (FCM), Vaida Paulauskaite (Aires) and Martin Klima (SilverDoor Apartments)

In addition to this, we also invited a number of specialist speakers to host a series of sessions on key topics such as guest experience, e-distribution and duty of care.

Group Head of Partner Relationships, Alex Neale, said: “As the world’s leading serviced apartment agent, we are always seeking to better understand the key issues that face our customers, where developments in technology and traveller behaviour are moving and how we can best respond to these.

Partner Engagement Day
Craig Barton (SACO Apartments)

We also pride ourselves in the open and collaborative relationships we enjoy with clients and partners alike and believe in sharing experience, knowledge and best practice for the good of the whole industry. We hope to see even more of our colleagues and partners at future events.”

As always, we also want to say a special thank you to all of our property partners who came from far and wide to take part in what was a fantastic afternoon.

The audience at Partner Engagement Day at SilverDoor Apartments

The first of our new series of engagement events, we are extremely happy with how the day went and look forward to bringing together the serviced apartment and business travel communities again in the near future.

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