SilverDoor joins HBAA

Written by on 8th October 2010
Category: SilverDoor news

SilverDoor staff attended their first HBAA meeting this week after recently joining the trade body.

This week SilverDoor staff attended their first HBAA meeting after recently joining the trade body. The HBAA provides something we have sought for years: a business forum which brings together serviced apartment buyers and suppliers to develop and promote best practice, where standards, codes of conduct and business ethics can be agreed and with a properly constituted and professional organisational structure.

At the meeting SilverDoor argued – along with the HBAA – that if we want to continue to develop our specialist sector, we need to develop an inclusive, well-respected, cohesive and coherent serviced apartment business association; one which includes and brings together both buyers and suppliers.

The HBAA is the leading trade association promoting best practice for businesses involved in the procurement and provision of accommodation, meetings, conferences and events. It also provides a platform for training, industry events and sector lobbying. The HBAA recognises the speed with which the serviced apartment industry is growing and encourages more agents to join so that the organisation represents a more complete cross-section of the business travel industry.

The benefits of joining the HBAA are not limited to agents and suppliers. Clients that book through HBAA member agents can gain peace of mind knowing that their agent has fulfilled a list of membership requirements as well as signing up to the code of conduct. This code defines the ethical relationship between supplier and intermediary to protect their best interests and those of their client.

SilverDoor is committed to maintaining excellent relationships with our clients, property partners and wider industry colleagues and believes that the open and professional business forum that the HBAA provides offers an unparalleled opportunity to get together to share new ideas and discuss best practice. We believe that ultimately this will help us in our number one goal of providing outstanding service to our clients.

HBAA session focuces on motivating sales