SilverDoor Launches New Corporate Housing API for Travel and Relocation Management Companies

SilverDoor Launches New Corporate Housing API for Travel and Relocation Management Companies

SilverDoor Launches New Corporate Housing API for Travel and Relocation Management Companies
29th January 2024

| SilverDoor brings the most extensive global serviced accommodation portfolio to buyers with new, powerful and agile API.

Positioning serviced accommodation alongside hotels on travel management companies’ own platforms, the SilverDoor API makes it even quicker and easier for corporates to search, compare and book serviced apartments.

We’ve been hearing from our clients for some time that online, live availability and instant booking capability is a non-negotiable, so we are continually developing our technology offering to increase the widespread accessibility of serviced apartments for corporate travel.

The challenge for travel management companies has historically been the limited serviced apartment content available via the GDS. Our API solution presents serviced apartment content, aggregated from more than 2600 global operators, next to hotel options on TMCs’ own platforms and allows bookers to directly compare rates, facilities and carbon emissions.


The SilverDoor Booking API content
The SilverDoor API is a means of communicating between our platform and TMCs own platforms.


| Chief Information and Technology Officer, Hanish Vithal, said of this development:


Hanish Vithal, SilverDoor's CTIO “Our API is the most modern and powerful connection currently available in the serviced accommodation sector, so I’m super excited to launch this product to the market.

It has been built with years of experience understanding client need and, due to its customisable, robust and secure build, we can work with any client's own technology to make the offering bespoke to them. This ensures the API fits the client's workflow, making the process seamless and simple for both travel managers and end travellers.”


The SilverDoor API ultimately means TMCs and RMCs will have immediate access to an unrivalled range of serviced apartments and our suppliers will also benefit from the increased visibility of their stock.

Once connected, clients can view the content and either enquire or book via the SilverDoor Booking API, as well as track booking and spend data in real time using the SilverDoor Analytics API.


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