Staying healthy when relocating

Staying healthy when relocating

Written by on 31st July 2014
Category: Relocation

Managing to stay fit and healthy when travelling away on business isn’t always easy. When you’re trying to cram in seeing as many clients and business partners as possible your intake of convenient food and drink is usually increased. You’re likely to be in an unfamiliar place and jumping between meetings so exercise is likely to be the last thing on your mind. It might not be easy to maintain healthy eating or a fitness regime whilst travelling on business, but with a little bit of creativity and extra effort, there’s always a way:

Firstly, there’s the challenge of entertaining clients or, if you’re lucky, being entertained. This is usually one of those parts of business life which you “have to do” even though you actually secretly enjoy it. Eating out three times a week isn’t a recipe for a healthy lifestyle. Stay in touch with the local cuisine and get to know what’s healthy and what’s fast and fatty.

It’s easier to control your calorie intake if you know what’s going in to your food. If you’re staying in a serviced apartment why not make the most of the kitchen facilities and cook for yourself when you’re not with clients. That way you can choose exactly what you eat and what size portion you have.

Going for a run is one of the easiest forms of exercise. When travelling away on business in a new area it can be difficult to find an appropriate place to run outdoors especially if you’re travelling alone. A serviced apartment may have a receptionist who’ll be able to help you, or alternatively ask your account manager about the area when you book your apartment. If you don’t feel safe going for a run then find a local gym instead or specify whether you need onsite gym facilities.

Why not make the most of your serviced apartment and use the space to exercise in the comfort of the apartment. You can purchase reasonably priced yoga mats from a range of outlets and could even get yourself a workout DVD. There’s plenty of space within the apartment to do any makeshift exercises.When choosing your serviced apartment think carefully about the location and how far away from work you want to be. People often choose to live away from work in order to separate their work and personal life. Living a 30 minute walk from work will still give you enough distance between work and home, whilst allowing you a bit of exercise in the meantime.