Student to a ‘man’

Written by on 11th July 2014
Category: SilverDoor news

It’s nearly time to head back to university and finish my degree. Before I do I’d like to give a small insight in to a few themes that have contributed to my transformation from a student to the ‘man’ I am today.

Professional persona

This has been challenged and developed from the first day I stepped foot in SilverDoor. Being new to the workforce this placement presented me with a unique opportunity to correct my flaws and start from the ground up. Who would have thought that matching socks, polished shoes and a clean shave could go a long way? It’s taken me 21 years – I think even my mum is surprised.


Living the student life doesn’t usually involve a fixed routine or having a sense of time; well, in my case it didn’t. Getting out of bed before 07:30 and hitting the sack at 22:00 each night isn’t something that would’ve been possible this time last year. One of the key turn in events was simply investing in a diary as double booking was a common occurrence for me. Sometimes it’s these simple things you need to get right before you do anything else.

Office life

Working in a corporate environment like SilverDoor hasn’t only allowed me to gain a deep understanding of the serviced apartment sector but it’s also given me an idea of what I want to achieve in and out the office. Working within a team function five days a week, eight hours a day, has given a sense of purpose to my work; especially when the goals are achieved and the results are visible.

Finishing what I started

It’s fairly embarrassing to admit that I hadn’t completely read a book from start to finish before working at SilverDoor. I’m now proud to say that, thanks to encouragement from my manager, I’ve completed my first book and I actually enjoyed it. Before joining the company I didn’t really take an interest in reading but now I’m beginning to appreciate all the benefits that come with it. Let’s hope this continues.

The realisation for me is that university simply cannot prepare you for what’s to come. A vibrant team atmosphere doesn’t exist when you’re studying as I find you’re a one-man-band struggling to see the finish line. The experience of a placement year in a place like SilverDoor gives you a better understanding of life after university.

– By Ben Sussex