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Written by on 25th January 2013
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This week we talk to Omri (pictured) and Yossi from Studios 2 Let, following their meeting with Alice. They tell us the importance of gardens and flowers at their properties and that someone once requested a sea view… in London.

Can you tell us how 2012 has been for you?

2012 has been a good year, both in Cartwright Gardens, and in North Gower, which opened in September. It’s looking good.

How are bookings so far for 2013?

They’re picking up. January is always a busy time for us. Summer will always be more popular, of course. It really starts picking up towards the end of February and beginning of March, and it doesn’t slow down until the end of November.

Can you tell us the differences between your apartments in Bloomsbury (Cartwright Gardens) and the ones in Euston (North Gower Apartments)?

The property in Euston is a miniature model of the property in Bloomsbury. It’s the same, but a tad smaller – same layout, same services, same people.

[Alice: Do you want to tell us about the flowers?]

The flowers… Wherever we can put flowers, we will.

Is that a dominant theme?

Yes. You can tell by the flowers if you’re in one of our buildings. For Cartwright Gardens, we did it outside, inside, everywhere. We actually won first prize in 2011, in a contest for garden of the year. We do the same in North Gower, and anywhere there’s a yard or anything we will turn it into a little garden.

So landscaping is quite an important aspect?

I think so; everybody wants to live in a nice environment.

[Alice: It’s really pretty.]

What is your corporate/leisure ratio?

About 60% leisure to 40% corporate.

When it comes to the leisure business, I always like to ask: what’s the oddest client request you’ve received?

Someone asked to have a sea view once… That’s probably the strangest request.

[Laughs.] The client’s always right – did you fulfil the sea view request?

It’s not America…

Can you tell us a little bit about any projects you have in the pipeline?

A project for us is buying a new building, and at the moment we’re not. Instead we’re enhancing what we have already got, in terms of development value – adding gardens, adding new rooms. Upgrading flats, things like that. Technology changes very quickly and you have to go along with that. You have to move forward all the time.

OK, time for the quick fire round:

Football or rugby: Tennis

Snow or sunshine: Sunshine

Israel or Britain [both were born in Israel]: It’s not a choice; it’s a lack of options!

Beer or wine: Beer

Sweet or savoury: Savoury.

In next week’s Inside Scoop we speak to Luigina Fielker and Robert Edwards from Classical Britain, who tell us about their experiences as relative newcomers to the industry and their beautifully decorated apartments.


Engi Bally, PR & Marketing Manager