What it takes to be a Lionheart

Written by on 18th December 2013
Category: SilverDoor news

Business relations can be as tough as it is rewarding. Those people who work 9-17.30 and choose to do regular evening work for their company must be getting something extra, right? It all depends on what you call ‘extra’. Attending regular networking events can raise the company profile, as well as your own, and some businesses even offer financial rewards for it. This isn’t forgetting that food and drink are supplied at these events most of the time, and all that people are encouraged to do is to be sociable.

This gives companies a chance to strengthen existing connections, as well as strike up new contacts in the process. Maintaining relationships is just as important as bringing in new business; making sure there is a continuous presence and a familiar face at such events. A few years ago we realised that if you’re not a big, well-known superbrand, you have to get out there and amongst it. Getting your own presence felt, and talking articulately, in a social setting, about the serviced apartment concept is what these events are all about. This is why a lot of companies dedicate time and money into a team of people who can provide opportunities that may not be possible during the working day.

The Lionhearts are a team of six, who were founded in 2012, and represent SilverDoor from a Business Relations perspective. First and foremost, they attend industry events to get to know people on a personal level, and later explain the concept of serviced apartments. This may be people in areas of the accommodation industry that might not have heard of SilverDoor or serviced apartments before. The refreshing thing for the Lionhearts is that most people are genuinely interested in hearing about what serviced apartments are, and their many benefits. Whilst most people look forward to an evening in after a day’s work, the Lionhearts are out boosting awareness of the company and presence within the travel market by getting to know people. Do you have what it takes?