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Where in the world are our serviced apartments?

Written by on 2nd June 2015
Category: Business Travel

With demand outstripping supply in business centres around the world, serviced apartments are experiencing sustained worldwide growth. Operators continue to expand into new territories and that means business travellers are able to stay in serviced apartments wherever they are in the world. With over 100,000 serviced apartments in 450 cities, across 79 countries, we provide business accommodation on every continent but the Antarctica (maybe one day?).

UK – 18,558 serviced apartments


The UK is where we have the largest selection of properties – London alone is home to 10,227 serviced apartments on the SilverDoor website. While the number of apartments in London continues to grow, so too does the number in other locations around the UK. In fact, occupancy rates for serviced apartments outside of London were at the same rate as those in the capital for the first time in 2014. Smaller towns and cities are also getting in on the act – in total, SilverDoor represents serviced apartments in 89 UK locations.

United States – 12,180 serviced apartments


Commonly referred to as ‘corporate housing’ in the US, serviced apartments have long been the preferred choice for American business travellers. New York takes the prize for having the most serviced apartments in America – 3,757 are currently live on the SilverDoor website. There are a large number of options available in Boston and Chicago while California, home to technology hub San Francisco and the sprawling Los Angeles, accounts for around a fifth of our serviced apartments in the United States.

Australia – 7,041 serviced apartments


Serviced apartments have been a mainstay in Australian business travel for decades. The majority that we provide are in the bustling cities of Sydney (3,101) and Melbourne (2,186) but there are also options available in Perth, Darwin, Adelaide and capital city, Canberra.

Brazil – 1,668 serviced apartments


In Brazil, we offer serviced apartments in the country’s former capital city, Rio de Janeiro, and Latin America’s most influential financial centre, Sao Paulo. We’ve visited and evaluated apartments in both cities in early 2015 to ensure the accuracy of their representation online; just look out for the SilverDoor Verified logo when browsing serviced apartments.

India – 2,433 serviced apartments


With one of the world’s fastest growing economies, it’s no surprise that there are over 2,000 serviced apartments available in India on the SilverDoor website. Bangalore, the heart of India’s tech industry, has 1,395 serviced apartments while there are also a number of properties to stay in when travelling to Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi or Pune.

UAE – 6,790 serviced apartments


With an increase in demand for serviced apartments in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in particular, operators have been quick to invest in new developments in the UAE. The majority of serviced apartments in the country are aparthotels and feature facilities such as fitness centres, pools and 24 hour receptions.

South Africa – 1,282 serviced apartments


We have serviced apartments available in Morocco, Egypt and Nigeria but South Africa takes the snappy title of ‘African country with the most serviced apartments on the SilverDoor website’. 1,282 apartments are split between Johannesburg (819), Cape Town (459) and Pretoria (4).

We also provide serviced apartments in another 73 countries across the world and we’re sourcing properties in new locations all the time. Get in touch and let us know your international serviced apartment requirements; whichever the country, we’re sure to find an apartment that fits your specific needs.

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