Why Business in Copenhagen makes it an Important European City

Written by on 25th August 2020
Category: Business Travel

Often described as the gateway to Scandinavia, Copenhagen has long been a city which has expertly balanced its rich cultural charm with an impressive business prowess. With captivating architecture on every corner, award-winning cuisine and centuries-old historical landmarks aplenty, it’s easy to see why business travellers are licking their lips at the prospect of doing business in Copenhagen, Denmark’s stunning capital city.

With a modern economy well integrated into the global marketplace, business in Copenhagen continues to thrive. Once again, 2020 saw Denmark claim first place The World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index. It’s this kind of widespread recognition that acts as a testament to Denmark’s continued development.

So what is it that makes business in Copenhagen the gold standard across the continent? We take a look at the top five factors that make Copenhagen business so successful.


Famous Danish shipping company pulls into Hamburg dock, Business in Copenhagen
Danish company Maersk is the world’s largest shipping company

With easy transportation to and from the city via air, land and sea, Copenhagen is brimming with business opportunities. Greater Copenhagen links continental Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, providing access to 25 million Scandinavians and the North European market of 100 million consumers. Taking advantage of this has been key to its success in the global market, enabling the trade of goods and services with economic powerhouses like Germany, Great Britain, the USA and China.

What’s more, Denmark boasts one of Europe’s very best education systems. Indeed, nine out of ten Danes speak English and Copenhagen itself boasts the largest recruitment base of highly-skilled employees in all of Scandinavia. Among the many benefits of this is the city’s flourishing start-up scene. For many years now, Copenhagen Business School has been one of the most prestigious in Europe. It’s these factors that have helped The City of Spires become such an important European city.


Nyhavn harbour by night, Copenhagen waterfront
Pristine waters and vibrant architecture are all part of Copenhagen’s charm

Whether travelling for business or leisure, Copenhagen is one of Europe’s most desirable destinations. A fascinating blend of the old and the new, it’s a city with something for everyone. Known as the happiest city in the world, the city was ranked as the world’s top city for travellers by Lonely Planet last year. Whether it’s the world-famous Tivoli Gardens or the iconic Nyhavn waterfront, Copenhagen does not disappoint. Check out our blog for an insight into the enchanting city of Copenhagen. Planning on doing business in Copenhagen? Take a look at some of our favourite serviced apartments in Copenhagen.


Cycle bridge in Copenhagen city centre
Bicycle bridges are a regular feature of the Copenhagen city centre

Often dubbed the greenest city in the world, the forward-thinking Danish capital remains on the cutting edge of sustainable planning. In its most ambitious initiative yet, the city is aiming to be the first completely CO2 neutral city by 2025.

This is a goal made possible by the collective ambitions of the residents and businesses. It’s a profound example of how Copenhagen business is both influencing, and continually adapting to, the culture of the city itself. This level of integration is a benchmark for cities not just across Scandinavia, but all of Europe.

On the subject of integration, Copenhagen’s cycling infrastructure is not only seamless, but dominates the city’s transport options. It’s a healthy, sustainable and safe solution to a climate issue that in recent years has been more closely scrutinised than ever.

Economic Freedom

Nyhavn market
Said to be the happiest city in the world, Copenhagen continues to impress its residents

Economic freedom has without question played a pivotal role in the wellbeing of Copenhagen’s residents. A high level of economic freedom is strongly associated with healthier societies, cleaner environments, greater per capita wealth, human development, democracy, and poverty elimination. According to recent figures, Copenhagen has the eighth freest economy in the world. This impressive ranking is a demonstration of just how efficiently the city is developing.

A Top-Class Business Infrastructure

Copenhagen residents overlook Nyhavn river
A blend of old and new, Copenhagen is a dynamic city with an abundance of character

Famed for its strong social welfare network, Denmark is not your typical business environment. However, for many residents of Copenhagen business is a part of everyday life. The country operates under a free market capitalist economy and boasts a comprehensive financial system and a reliable and robust business infrastructure.

Copenhagen Airport has been voted the most efficient in Europe for 14 of the last 16 years and by tonnage Denmark is the sixth largest shipping nation in the world. Now work has started on one of the largest infrastructure investments in Europe; the Femern Belt Fixed Link. The tunnel, which will be the world’s longest road and rail tunnel, will connect Denmark with Germany. It’s a fitting example of the initiative, ambition and enterprise that personifies Denmark, and its remarkable capital.

Planning on travelling to the Danish capital? Why not check out our blog on what to do in Copenhagen at night. Give us a call or make an enquiry and we’ll find you the ideal accommodation for your trip to this impressive city.