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Hotels vs. Serviced Apartments - Cost Comparison

Cost comparison calculator

Enter the number of days that you want to stay and we'll show you how the cost of a serviced apartment compares with the cost of a hotel room.

Number of nights Total price of stay Saving percentage
Hotel Serviced Apartment % saving Saving per night


If you stay for 10 days in a serviced apartment, the estimated cost would be £1,560 (£1,300 + £260 tax). This is £240 cheaper than the price of a hotel and you’ll also have the added benefits of more space and privacy.

The cost comparison is based on sample rates from the table below.

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Cost comparison breakdown

The table below is an example of how serviced apartments typically reduce in cost depending on the length of stay while a hotel room price remains static.

Accommodation type Nightly rate based on stay of:
1-6 nights 7-27 nights 28-89 nights 90+ nights
Example hotel £150 £150 £150 £150
Example serviced apartment £150 £130 £110 £90

Please remember, although serviced apartment rates generally decrease the longer you stay, you'll always benefit from more space, freedom and privacy than a hotel room.

The cost comparison verdict

1 night stays:

Hotels and serviced apartments are comparable in cost. However serviced apartments will offer much more space and savings can be made on incidental charges such as restaurant and laundry bills.

7 night stays:

Serviced apartments are generally cheaper than equivalent hotel accommodation at this length of stay.

30 night stays:

Serviced apartments are nearly always cheaper than equivalent hotel accommodation at this length of stay

90 night stays:

Serviced apartments are always cheaper than equivalent hotel accommodation.

Cost comparison infographic

Take a look at our cost comparison infographic to see how much you could save below.

Serviced apartments vs hotels infographic

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