All you need to know about Langfang

Langfang is a city in the Hebei province of China and is located in between the Chinese capital, Beijing, and Tianjin. The serves as the perfect base for business travellers needing to commute to both cities. Langfang was known as Tianjin Prefecture until 1973, when it was renamed Langfang Prefecture.

Our serviced apartments in Langfang are established with business travellers in mind. Our corporate accommodation is modern, spacious and located in an excellent location in between Beijing and Tianjin. At SilverDoor, we have a strong knowledge of the corporate accommodation industry in China. Our expert booking agents go above and beyond to source the perfect apartment for each client.

Beijing Daxing International Airport is the closest airport to Langfang, with this major international airport having connections from all around the world. Buses and taxis provide options for airport transportation.