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All you need to know about the Czech Republic

Czech Republic national flag and capital city, Prague
Country Facts - Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe bordering GermanyAustria, Slovakia and Poland. It was originally part of Czechoslovakia but split into two independent states in January 1993. The country is now a member of the European Union, which it joined in 2004. 

Czech Republic has a high income economy with an estimated GDP of $195 billion. It’s one of the most stable post-communist states with most of its economy being privatised, including banks. Prague, the capital of the country, is home to the Czech national bank which supports a consistent economic growth. Their principle industry – the collection of natural resources - is popular within the country, along with the exportation of cars, which makes up 10% of their total exports. Skoda Auto is based within the Czech Republic, which is one of the largest car manufactures in Central Europe.

Tourism within the country brings in around $5 billion every year and accounts for the employment of around 110,000 people. There are many tourist destinations including architectural heritage sites and museums throughout the country. Prague is the most popular destination within the Czech Republic.

The serviced apartment industry is popular in the Czech Republic, especially in Prague. They offer the perfect accommodation option for corporate travellers by providing more space, greater flexibility and a range of on-site amenities.

Key Facts
Capital: Prague 
Population: 11 million
Currency: Czech Koruna (K?) (CZK)
Language: Czech
Dominant religion: Non-declared or Non-religious
Time zone: (UTC+1)
Main exports: Cars, Vehicle Parts, Computers
Internet domain: .cz
International dial code: +420