All you need to know about Beauvais

City Facts - Beauvais
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What is a serviced apartment? 

Simply, a serviced apartment is a private and luxurious living space which benefits from all the features of high quality rented accommodation. On top of this, our apartments come with many hotel features (which vary depending on the property), meaning you truly do get the best of both worlds during your stay. There are a diverse range of benefits a serviced apartment offers the business traveller, a few of them being:

Flexibility and privacy. A serviced apartment is purposefully designed to offer a spacious area in which you can relax and make yourself at home. In addition to a high standard of décor and all the fittings needed to live comfortably, our apartments offer the privacy you don’t always receive in a busy, impersonal hotel setting. With the option to cook and eat in, entertain or work in your own space, or simply relax, you can move between more formal appointments with ease, knowing you have a base to organise your trip from. 
Incredible value. Hotels offering the same features and space as our apartments (which, in itself, is a rare occurrence) charge much more for the same benefits. Furthermore, with our serviced apartments you receive a tax break beyond a certain duration threshold, making booking with SilverDoor even more cost effective for your business ventures. 
Bonus services. As mentioned, serviced apartments come with many included services, including: swimming pools, fitness areas, restaurants, bars, parking, conference rooms and more. These features vary from property to property, but can be used as you see fit (and many are included in the price of your stay).

What do I need to know about staying in Beauvais? 

Roughly 47 miles from Pairs, Beauvais is located in Northern France and has a small population of 56,000. Recorded as having been known to the Romans, Beauvais has an extensive history and features many beautiful examples of medieval architecture, such as its cathedral. 


Beauvais has a railway station – Gare de Beauvais – with major links to multiple destinations, including Paris Gare du Nord. The city also has a small airport with links to 48 destinations, as well as a transit bus for easy commuting around its streets. 


With short but warm summers, Beauvais is not as attractive for a midyear getaway as cities in the south of France. Winters in the city are comparatively long with very cold, windy and cloudy weather being typical. The cooler season lasts from mid-November to early March, meaning appropriate clothing should be taken to stay warm during this time. 

What else is Beauvais known for? 

Historical attractions

In addition to its impressive cathedral, Beauvais is home to many streets dating back to the 12th and 16th centuries (located nearby). Also close by is the Musee de l’Oise, which houses many historical artworks and is completely free to explore.  Surrounding the cathedral there are also many ruins, such as a partially bombed church from the 10th century, through which you can view its ancient crypt. Further down the road lies the remains of the city ramparts which were first constructed in the 300s.