All you need to know about Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a Middle Eastern city, situated on the Judean Mountains. It lies between the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, and is one of the oldest cities on the planet. Ownership of Jerusalem is a matter of contention - the city straddles a controversial border, and both Palestinians and Israelis lay claim to it being their capital.

Jerusalem has a long history dating back to 4th millennium BCE, wherein it was named “Urusalim”, meaning “City of Shalem” in Ancient Egyptian. During that time, it’s grown considerably, and, at one point was the religious and administrative hub of the Kingdom of Judah.

After Medina and Mecca, Jerusalem is the world’s holiest city. A capital with deep religious roots spanning Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Jerusalem’s economy is predominately centred on its national government, which accounts for a great many jobs and business initiatives in the city. Others are employed by the education sector, or working in hospitality and social services.

Known as the logistics capital of Israel, Jerusalem is well connected by public transport, and boasts a number of train and bus services. Its main airport, Ben Gurion, is located 31 miles northwest of Jerusalem.

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