All you need to know about Rome

Rome is Italy’s magnificent capital city, with a history stretching back 28 centuries. First founded in 753 BC, it’s one of the oldest occupied places in Europe, and was once a major hub for the Italian Renaissance. The main currency is Euros and the predominant language spoken is Italian.

The City has a population of roughly 4.4 million, and is home to such major landmarks as the Vatican, Colosseum and Sistine Chapel.

Rome’s transport links are a mixture of high speed trains, trams and taxis. The city’s main railway station, Termini, receives some 400 thousand travellers per day and provides a regular service to and from all other major Italian cities. It also connects to places outside Italy like Vienna and Geneva.

The city has a total of three airports - Ciampino, Urbe and Centrocelle - and is well served by most major airlines.

Like many fashion centres around the world, Rome boasts all the major labels including Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and Armani. If shopping’s not your thing, you can always do a walking tour of the city, or pay a visit to a cultural institution like the Vatican Museum or Castel Sant'Angelo. Other popular sites range from the Galleria Borghese to the Catacombe di Santa Domitilla.

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