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All you need to know about New Zealand

New Zealand's capital city skyline and national flag
Country Facts - New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country located in the south-west Pacific Ocean. It lies east of Australia and is predominantly made up of two main islands. Due to the fact New Zealand was one of the last countries to see human settlement; the country developed a unique biodiversity. New Zealand is also a member of the United Nations.

New Zealand is home to a modern, developed, economy with a GDP worth over $185.8 billion. The country relies on international trade and primarily exports products from industries including horticulture, forestry and mining. The country’s main trading partners consist of China, Australia and the United States. New Zealand was once voted the “most business-friendly country in the world” and is home to a thriving service sector. Tourism is also a notable sector contributing around $15 billion to the country’s GDP.    

Serviced accommodation throughout New Zealand is particularly popular in Wellington and Auckland. A serviced apartment offers the perfect alternative to a hotel room, especially for business travellers in need of a long term accommodation option. With a range of properties, choosing an ideal location and an apartment featuring necessary facilities can be done with ease.  

Key Facts
Capital: Wellington
Population: 4.5 million
Currency: New Zealand Dollar ($) (NZD)
Language: English (NZ English)
Dominant religion: No official state religion
Time Zone: (UTC+12)
Main Exports: Dairy products, Meat, Wool
Internet Domain: .nz
International Dial Code: +64