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All you need to know about Singapore

Singapore's national flag and the city's skyline
Country Facts - United Kingdom

Singapore, officially known as the Republic of Singapore, is located in Southeast Asia and as a country, promotes multiculturalism. Singapore is highly urbanised and is also in favour of capital punishment. The country is known to be one of the four Asian Tigers meaning it has a free and developed economy.

Singapore has the 2nd most free economy in the world (2013) and has a high international ranking when it comes to education, healthcare, government transparency and economic competitiveness. The market economy that the country has depends heavily on trade, meaning it has one of the five busiest ports in the world. 27.2% towards the GDP in 2010 came from manufacturing and exporting products including electronics, chemicals and refined petroleum products. Their GDP is estimated at around $318.9 billion and Singapore is home to the fourth biggest financial centre. This has brought large amounts of foreign investment over the years.

Tourism contributes greatly to the economy of Singapore with over 13 million tourists in 2011. Back in 2005, the government wanted to increase tourism and did so by legalising gambling and building two casinos. Singapore is also home to natural and heritage conservation programs with public transport available to all the popular destinations.

Serviced apartments are popular within Singapore and are mostly located within the centre of the country and around the central business district. This makes them ideal for corporate travellers. Serviced apartments within the country provide business travellers with more space, greater flexibility and a range of facilities. Most apartments also have on-site amenities, whether that is a meeting room or a fitness centre.

Key Facts
Capital: Singapore
Population: 5 million
Currency: Singapore dollar ($) (SGD)
Dominant religion: Buddhism
Language: English/ Malay/ Mandarin/ Tamil
Time zone: (UTC+08:00)
Main exports: Machinery and equipment
Internet domain: .sg
International dial code: +65