All you need to know about Busan

Busan is the second largest city in South Korea and plays host to modern buildings, a large trading port, and a rich history. Its location means it benefits from sandy beaches, hot springs, and impressive countryside surroundings. Busan has gathered popularity world wide and is increasingly known for its world class facilities, offices, and attractions. In recent years it also has become home to numerous international conventions. 

As of 2015 Busan was home to over three million residents. Since 199 Busan has set goals to achieve core growth in business and trade. expansions of industries in the city and the growth of the post has allowed Busan to achieve these aims, and the city is now recognised as a major economic player and a "super port".  

A successful International Short Film Festival has also meant that Busan has been put on the map in terms of visual and creative industries. The city is hoping to grow this side of its business and is looking to expand more into this area.