All you need to know about Barcelona

As one of the world’s leading corporate serviced apartment providers, SilverDoor Apartments provides an extensive range of serviced apartments in Barcelona. From the Gothic Quarter close to the coast, to Vila De Gracia in the suburbs, our Barcelona serviced apartments have all bases covered for your corporate stay in the city.

Tips for Staying in Barcelona


Transport in Barcelona

There are several means of public transport in Barcelona, including the metro, buses, trams and trains. Barcelona has a fantastic option of a ‘Hola BCN’ card, where you can have unlimited trips on any of the transport routes. Whether you need to venture out to the suburbs of Barcelona or travel to the city centre from one of the many serviced apartments Barcelona has to offer, the city’s extensive public transport network is the way to go.

Weather in Barcelona

Barcelona is famed for its warm weather all year round, with highs of 29 degrees in the summer and lows of only 8 degrees in the winter, it is clear to see why so many people embark on trips to Barcelona. There is also very little rainfall throughout the year in Barcelona, with a maximum of 6 days’ rain in April.

Cuisine in Barcelona

Barcelona embraces cuisine from all types of cultures. When it comes to their local dishes however, they are full of meat and fish plates. Meat and fish paella is normally on the menu at most restaurants and bars in Barcelona, which can be found within walking distance of any one of our serviced apartments in Barcelona; this can also be said for a mixture of pasta meals.

Language in Barcelona

Spanish is the only officially recognised language in Spain, however there are many other forms of dialects spoken locally. These include co-official languages such as Catalan, Basque, Valencian and Aranese. It is thought that only about 19% of the population speak Catalan, with 99% speaking Spanish as their first or second language.

Facts about Barcelona


Football in Barcelona

When walking around Barcelona whilst staying in one of our apartments in Barcelona, it will be clear to see that the whole city is mad about football. When on a corporate visit to the city, it may be worth taking the time to have a tour around the incredibly impressive Camp Nou stadium, or lucky enough to find some hospitality tickets to a match at the stadium.

Architecture in Barcelona

Barcelona also has some incredibly spectacular architecture on show. One of the world’s most famous architects, Antonio Gaudi, has a wide array of buildings on show. Casa Batlló, La Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell are all fantastic pieces of architecture that are well worth a visit. La Sagrada is a gorgeous church that was started by Guadi in 1982 and is not expected to be finished till 2030. Simply take a walk out of any of our serviced apartments in Barcelona and you will likely be greeted by stunning nearby architecture.

Why choose a Barcelona serviced apartment with SilverDoor?

One aspect of the SilverDoor service that differentiates us from anyone else in the industry is our level of service. When you first make an enquiry, we ensure that we have the right information so that we can tailor the accommodation choices we offer, to match your exact preferences. The fact that our client relation specialists have great knowledge of Barcelona allows us to make fantastic recommendations on which serviced apartments in Barcelona to stay in.

Furthermore, the fact that one of our staff members will personally deal with your request means that you will know exactly who your point of call is. This can either be before you choose your apartment or throughout the duration of your stay in Barcelona. Added to this, if there are any issues during your stay at any of our apartments in Barcelona – our dedicated member of staff will be able to assist you.

What is a serviced apartment?

Serviced apartments in Barcelona offer a unique style of corporate accommodation. If you are person who normally stays at a hotel, then there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to stay in one of our Barcelona apartments.

The inclusion of a kitchen and living area not only makes our Barcelona corporate housing more spacious, but also an ideal place to base yourself during a short or long term stay. Our serviced apartments in Barcelona are equipped with roomy and stylish kitchens as well as gorgeous living areas, making our serviced apartments a cut above the rest. 

Barcelona serviced apartments can also include daily or weekly housekeeping. When visiting Barcelona on business, it can be very tricky to keep up with keeping your serviced apartment nice and clean, due to a busy schedule. We ensure that all of our serviced apartments in Barcelona come with at least weekly housekeeping. 

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