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All you need to know about Abu Dhabi

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What is a serviced apartment?

Experiencing a trip to a city as world renowned as Abu Dhabi requires matching remarkable accommodation. Our apartments are truly suited to the requirements of business travel. Our Abu Dhabi serviced apartments include multiple benefits, including:

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What do I need to know about staying in Abu Dhabi?

Other-worldly beaches, expansive deserts and stunning architecture are what creates such a mixture of ancient tradition and modern marvel in Abu Dhabi. As a city so enriched with unique culture and attractions, it’s helpful to discover more before your stay in one of our Abu Dhabi serviced apartments. 


The most common form of ‘public’ transport in Abu Dhabi is travel by taxi which is encouraged by the bustling day to day traffic in the city and the inexpensive petrol prices, compared with Western countries. Taxis are widespread and easy to hail as long as it’s safe to stop. 

There is also a bus network provided throughout Abu Dhabi which can be accessed with a ‘Hafilat’ card. A Hafilat card is a convenient way to travel in ease through the city and is purchasable from the main Abu Dhabi bus terminal in the city, the Abu Dhabi international airport and various bus stops spotted around.  These services are available on all local, intercity and regional buses in Abu Dhabi. 


Splendorous sunshine is a frequent occurrence in Abu Dhabi and blazing hot weather conditions are expected in the summer time, with warm temperatures meeting the humidity of the city. The dry weather conditions can also induce surprising sandstorms in the city with temperatures averaging above 40 °C (104°F).

The winters are pleasantly milder and warm in temperature due to the subtropical desert and is particularly influenced by the winds of the Persian Gulf that blow directly off the sea.. 


Today, Abu Dhabi is a technical triumph, offering tourists an abundance of activities to explore. The booming metropolis is worlds away from the city’s historical roots, with parts of Abu Dhabi originating as far back as the 3rd millennium BC.

The name Abu Dhabi “Father of the Gazelles”, refers to the first gazelle discovered by the Bani Yas tribe the mid-1770s. The gazelle was followed and led the tribe to a fresh water spring, which was deemed a settlement. 

Abu Dhabi’s world-renowned oil reserve was discovered in 1958 by an Anglo-French consortium. It began exporting oil in 1962 and has become known as ‘’The Richest City in the World’’, owning an impressive 90% of the world’s total oil supply. 

What else is Abu Dhabi known for?


The multitude of dining options in Abu Dhabi is outstanding, with different cuisines in the United Arab Emirates each offering you a corner of each continent, it truly is a melting point of flavours. 

Traditional Emirati food incorporates all of the fresh harvest the region produces, influenced by the geography and climate of Abu Dhabi. The focus on local land animals such as camels, chickens and goats is common, with the addition of secret spices and herb mixtures. Abu Dhabi is also well known for its fresh fish caught from the Arabian Sea and is a popular delicacy. 


Abu Dhabi is home to some of the biggest shopping malls in the world, making it a must-see destination for perusing its world-class shopping experience. The impressive array of 14 malls fan out across Abu Dhabi - with the largest being Yas Mall in the capital of Yas Island. This leisure and recreational destination is home to over 370 brands, boasting over 60 F&B outlets. 

It is also in close proximity to both Ferrari World and Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi, home to a 24-screen cinema. 

Dress Code

It is important to keep in mind the dress code, which mirrors the United Arab Emirates philosophy on mutual respect when visiting Abu Dhabi. The country asks that females cover their shoulders, legs and knees when exploring public places such as shopping malls and restaurants.

Beachwear is not prohibited, however, and is commonly worn on the array of public beaches to wander, including the impressive Corniche, the Middle Eastern equivalent of a British seafront. 

In the evenings, it is also advised to keep your shoulders covered when exploring the night life of the city to avoid any offence to locals. Pashminas tend to be a popular fashion accessory for those respecting the city’s modesty and a savvy clothing choice for the heightened air-conditioning of most venues.