All you need to know about Leeds

View of Clarence Dock in the city of Leeds
City Facts - Leeds

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Combining the unique blend of hotel services and the privacy and space of private living accommodation, aparthotels in Leeds cover all of the desired features for a business trip. Featuring functional rooms, luxury furnishings and capacious settings, serviced apartments in Leeds are essential for the perfect business trip.

A serviced apartment in Leeds offers a cost-effective alternative based on a like for like comparison with hotels. There is also the added benefit of longer stays, resulting in a reduction of nightly costs for you, making our apartments the perfect solution for relocating colleagues.

Another obvious component of a serviced apartment that is hugely beneficial is the additional amenities and the privacy available when using them. With fully-fitted self-catering facilities and your own personal living room, your privacy is easily achieved, and the apartment also caters to those seeking the option of choosing your room services times to ensure you are undisturbed.



Hidden by the Pennine Hills, Leeds is guarded from any blizzard weather conditions in the winter, although fog tends to blanket the landscape. With a relatively cool climate throughout the year however, heavy rain fall is common – especially in August and September.


Originally, Leeds was a Saxon Village and in around 1086 had a population of around 200 people. It wasn’t until 1207 the Lord of the Manor, Maurice De Gant, founded a new town during a time that trade and commerce was prominent and created a new street of houses, dividing the land into plots for housing development.

New properties led to more rent paid to the Lord for the land and a new street called Brigg Gata (originally meaning Bridge Street) built a stronger community of butchers, bakers, carpenters and blacksmiths who were all helping the town of Leeds to flourish.


Leeds remains the largest city in Europe without a mass transit system, however with big plans from Leeds City Council to invest tens of millions of pounds into making the travelling more efficient; the city is set to be one of the easiest, greenest and cheapest places to commute to and travel around.

The most common form of transport in Leeds is the local bus and train service – including the Leeds CityBus which takes you around all of the key locations of Leeds, including rail and bus stations.


A gateway to Yorkshire

As a city is in the heart of Yorkshire, you can enjoy a city break combined with a country retreat in one. The outskirts of the city are full of picturesque scenery, striking countryside and a mass of historical sites such as Kirkstall or Fountains Abbey, historically famed for being built by Cistercian monks.


There is also the scenic waterfall, Gordale Scar, well worth the walk or short car journey away to Malham Cove.