All you need to know about Kansas City

Kansas City has an estimated 2017 population of more than 499,000, making it the largest city in the state of Missouri and the 37th most populous city in the United States. Its position near to the confluence of the Missouri River and Kansas River has made it a prime location for trade, commercial transport, and logistics. Over the years, the city's position has meant business travel to the area has grown annually, making Kansas City the perfect destination for corporate stays in our corporate housing and serviced apartments.

The federal government are the largest employer in the Kansas City area with more than 146 federal agencies. However, the economy is primarily stimulated by the manufacturing industry, factories, and the area is the third largest beef-producing city in the US. Kansas City and the surrounding area is a hub for many diverse businesses and the farming industry. Many corporations call the area home including, the Ford Motor Company, one of the largest drug manufacturers in the U.S. and the headquarters of Applebee’s. SilverDoor corporate housing offers accommodation close to the main business centres and primary industries.

The first record of Kansas City dates back to the early 19th Century, when, noting its strategic location, settlers built a fort on the grounds. The first school was built in Kansas City during this time, and the town slowly began to take shape. After trading with Westport Landing, the area of Kansas was incorporated as a town in 1850. The 1850s saw Kansas develop rapidly and in 1853 the City of Kansas was created.

Kansas City was the site of many outbreaks during the American Civil War, and the city and its surroundings became rife with intense military activity. The American Civil War damaged Kansas City, but the following years saw the city grow. During the 21st Century, the city has seen even more redevelopment with million dollar improvements being made to the downtown areas in particular. The Kansas City area continues to spread with housing projects and community growth taking place on an annual basis. In turn, Kansas City is becoming a main player in the corporate market and with an increasing number of corporate housing in the area to accommodate business travellers.

From theme parks, museums, to the Kansas City Zoo, Kansas City is also a centre for tourist attractions and entertainment, during the 21st Century Kansas City has seen an increasing influx of tourists to the area due to the growth of more and more attractions in the area. The amount of entertainment in the area means that despite business travel to the area many corporate travellers have an exciting range of things to do in the area. 

The Kansas City International Airport provides the main link to the rest of America, along with international destinations. Buses and trains run regularly throughout the city and to other notable locations throughout the state.

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