All you need to know about Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a large city located in Minnesota with an estimated population of 422,331. Its scale and development over the years have brought with it an increase in business travel to the area and increasing construction of corporate housing, accommodation, and corporations. The cities position makes it the primary business destination between Seattle and Chicago, and in 2011, had the highest number of Fortune 500 companies than anywhere else in the United States.

Established around Saint Anthony Falls, Minneapolis benefited from water power in the early stages of its development. The city’s range of natural resources led to its economy becoming mainly focused around lumber and flour mills. Up until the beginning of WWI, the city thrived and was a centre for trade and business. With the start of the World War, Minneapolis suffered from depression and violence, many civil rights movements took place in the city and in 1968 the city became the birthplace of the American Indian Movement.

During the 1950s and 1960s, the city saw an upheaval as part of the urban renewal. During this period the city constructed some of the most notable buildings in the city along with housing developments, office space, and the Metropolitan Building.  Currently, Minneapolis is growing at its fastest rate since the 1950s making it a prime time for business opportunities. Corporate housing in the city provides a great accommodation option for those travelling on business; many headquarters in the city are within close proximity. Minneapolis’ economy is predominantly driven by commerce and finance, with the city being the third largest economic player in the Midwest coming in close behind Chicago and Detroit.

Minneapolis has a plethora of attractions to see and places to go, from state parks, museums, and galleries, to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, and water sports across the numerous lakes within the city. Corporate housing and serviced apartments in the city situate guests close to attractions, making business trips and relocation a more relaxing experience for everyone.

Transport in the city links the inner suburbs as well as Amtrak linking cities such as Chicago, Seattle and Portland. Minneapolis is sectioned into quadrants making it easy to navigate the city itself, buses service the city and bus stops are frequently found throughout the city. Corporate housing offers locations close to transport links making other business districts and areas easily accessible.

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