All you need to know about Houston

Houston is an inland port city on the Texan coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The entire city is built on the assumption that everyone owns a car and drives everywhere they go. It is hot and humid in summer with a chance of tornadoes, but winters are mild with the temperature rarely getting below freezing point.

Houston has three downtowns, all of which feature high-rise buildings and, at street level, concessions to pedestrians that include shops, bars and restaurants. The traditional downtown is in the centre of the city and is home to a variety of businesses. To the south of the city centre is an area known as The Medical Center with some of the best hospitals in the world. The third downtown, west of the city centre, is called Uptown and is known for a huge, high-end shopping mall complex named The Galleria.

The largest airport serving Houston is George Bush Intercontinental Airport, located 23 miles north of the city centre. It is a hub for Continental Airlines and serves 24 domestic and international airlines.
View of Houston city, Texas