Paris at Night – 5 Impressive Things to See and Do on an Evening in Paris

Paris at Night – 5 Impressive Things to See and Do on an Evening in Paris

Paris at Night – 5 Impressive Things to See and Do on an Evening in Paris
20th July 2021

There is no denying Paris is a visually exquisite location, especially at night when it comes to life with an altogether different, magical aura. The avenues and courtyards may be cast in dark shadows as the evening draws in, but the city soon switches on its illuminations and demonstrates its namesake as the ‘City of Light’. Restrain from ending your day of sightseeing and retiring to your serviced apartment in Paris after your evening meal, and stay out a while longer to explore the city when it truly awakens. Read on to discover our top picks of the spectacular activities and things you can see in Paris at night.

Eiffel Tower light show

You don’t need us to tell you to visit the Eiffel Tower at night, as we are sure it is already atop of your bucket list when visiting Paris, but we can’t leave it off our list! For tourists, a visit is obligatory – once in the daytime and another at night – to take in this monumental structure in its entirety. For the light show, you do not need to rush your evening meal to make the spectacular illuminations, as rest assured, at the beginning of each hour from sundown until 1 a.m., the Eiffel Tower is brought to life with its dazzling display. Against the dark back drop of the night, the illuminations enable visitors to truly appreciate the sheer size of Paris’ most famous monument.

Illuminated Eiffel Tower at night
From below, the Eiffel Tower is a breath taking sight and can be fully taken in at night against the dark backdrop

Midnight swim at the Piscine Pontoise

A unique building in itself, the Piscine Pontoise is located in the heart of the Latin Quarter and is renowned for its art deco interior and architectural features which date back to the 1930s. Two high galleries engulf the modern pool and create a beautiful setting to enjoy a few lengths of the six lane waters. A special tip from us – show off your back stroke and marvel at the opaque glass ceiling that opens up the building and provides an amazing view of the evening sky. When the stars are visible in Paris at night, there is no better time to visit the well-known pool; open until 11:45pm. A late night dip when visiting Paris never sounded so good.

Busy street in Paris at night within the Latin Quarter
The Piscine Pontoise is within the Latin Quarter, where you can stop for a evening meal or night cap post swim 

A night-time cruise

Whilst the banks of the Seine are ideal for a moonlit stroll across Paris at night, it is definitely worth splashing out on a night cruise along the river to truly take in the breathtaking, iconic monuments of the glittering city after dusk. The cruise offers views of the Louvre, the Notre Dame and the Pont des Arts, which have each been washed with a professionally curated light display, and as such are illuminated with a magical touch. To top off your charming evening, why not book one of the dinner and cruise packages on offer? You can choose from a range of options, from formal cruises encouraging guests to dress up in best black tie outfits and live the Paris dream, to more casual affairs where the surrounding beauty is the main attraction.

Shimmering waters of the River Seine, illuminated by nearby lit up attractions and home to many cruises
The cruises on the River Seine have open top or have glass roofs allowing you to have panoramic views of the surrounding illuminated sights 

Moonlit stroll through Paris at night

There’s nowhere quite like Paris at night, with its beautiful streets and surroundings reminiscent of countless iconic film scenes. When visiting Paris, make sure you head to the Avenues des Champs-Elysees, which stretches to the Arc de Triomphe in Place Charles de Gaulle and is frequently awarded the accolade of ‘the world’s most beautiful avenue’. Alternatively, another route you can take is across the district of Montmartre, offering one of the most iconic monuments to see in Paris - the Basilica of Sacre-Couer, a spectacular white-domed church which is quite simply spectacular when lit up. Adjoined is also a picturesque courtyard, which provides breathtaking views of many quaint Parisian streets, including the Place du Tetre.

Tree lined Avenues des Champs-Elysees street with many cars
The busy Avenues des Champs-Elysees is tree lined, each with fairy lights to light up the street at night

Experience the gourmet capital

For the past ten years, Paris has boasted some of the best cuisine in the world, so what better time is there to sample this than with a delectable evening meal as night falls upon the city? Each of the twenty arrondissements to see in Paris has something new to satisfy your ravenous appetite. From the tourist trap of the Latin Quarter within the Fifth Arrondissement featuring reliably good food in places such as Cafe de la Nouvelle Mairie, to the Fourteenth Arrondissement, home to the Rue du Montparnasse where you can sample some classic French dishes within food-focused Paris. Spoilt for choice? Refrain from wandering all over the city with no idea where to go due to the overwhelming options of delicious French fancies and head over to our Paris foodie blog to discover our favourite food establishments.

Outdoor dining in Paris
Many restaurants in Paris have outdoor dining, so if the temperatures aren't too low you can enjoy your meal al fresco 

It’s clear that after visiting Paris you’ll need a well-deserved, long rest, as each evening of your visit is sure to be filled with a new, impressive activity in the City of Love. To learn more about how the streets of Paris came to become so influential, read our blog detailing the history behind the fashion capital of the world. Additionally, for inspiration on accommodation to retire to after exploring Paris at night, discover our top serviced apartments in Paris within our portfolio.

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