Technology Renovation at SilverDoor

Technology Renovation at SilverDoor

Technology Renovation at SilverDoor
17th February 2011

At SilverDoor we know how important is it to keep up with the times, so during recent months we have upgraded our office with a complete technology renovation.

Technology renovation is something that can scare people, but many are now subconsciously embracing it: people now tweet and order their shopping at the touch of a button on their smartphones. At SilverDoor we know how important is it to keep up with the times, so during recent months we have upgraded all of the technology systems in the SilverDoor office.

During January all of our desktop computers were replaced with new ‘thin clients’, which are small boxes that replace the traditional PC tower. They are hosted on our new virtual server infrastructure.

Our new system has a number of benefits. One of the main advantages is that it is more cost effective: the maintenance cost is much lower because they require less power, cooling, processing and space. Further to this, they have a longer lifespan than a normal PC.

The number of staff has steadily increased over the past few months at SilverDoor and it was becoming ever more time consuming to maintain all of our individual computers. A virtual platform implemented as part of our technology renovation has meant that updating and adding new applications is now controlled from a single point of management.

Using a main server gives us increased business continuity by reducing downtime and allowing us to recover quickly from unplanned outages. It gives us the ability to back up and migrate entire virtual environments with no service interruption, which improves resiliency.

Having a main server gives us improved data security when managed properly, something that's vital to a growing company like ours, especially since it was announced by the government that hostile attacks on UK cyber space are now a tier 1 risk. Our staff can now access our mainframe when on international business and we are now able to give temporary access to freelance staff from whatever location they're working in. This also means that updates or changes made to existing programs like our CMR and accounts system will not impact the rest of the system, so can be made during the working day rather than overnight as they once had to be.

We have found that this system provides us with an adaptive infrastructure that mirrors our expanding business and supplies computing resources wherever they are needed. Using server virtualisation technology gives SilverDoor more flexibility to provide services, avoid downtime and test new platforms.

In addition to thin clients, all of the SilverDoor staff now have 24 inch monitors that have a better resolution and a split screen functionality which has improved productivity. Let’s face it, they also look cool. Our desktops are now ergonomically designed for maximum productivity and efficiency. This particular technology renovation has improved inter-departmental communication and has allowed for faster response times for our clients.

Technology renovation dual screens
The latest dual screens in offices enable staff to work with total flexibility across projects

Finally, our new iPads have proven very popular with the staff at SilverDoor. We are able to use them when travelling, for presentations, for meetings and at various exhibitions. We are in the process of developing the mobile version of our website and the iPad is perfect for testing this before it goes live, using a similar process to when we developed our iPhone application. After the recent news that Domino’s Pizza orders through its iPhone app have topped £1m in the three months since it was launched, we are hoping that the hundreds of SilverDoor apps that have been downloaded so far will prove just as lucrative!

Alongside all of the updates within our office, we are constantly updating our revolutionary Orbi technology. With enhancements always being made, such as the OrbiRelo focus which is designed specifically for Global Mobility managers, our revolutionary booking software aids not only our valued clients, but also our property partners who can ensure their property information is up-to-date from anywhere in the world.


Keep up to date with our technology renovations and other technology articles. Whether it's investigating the latest wearable technology or the best business travel gadgets, we always have our finger on the technological pulse.

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