The Growth of Richmond Business: A Corporate Destination

Written by on 17th September 2020
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Within Richmond, business has prospered in recent years, enabling the district to flourish into a corporate epicentre. As a result, this booming borough has a higher business survival rate than London. With residents gross weekly salary sitting at a comfortable 69 percent above the national average and property prices remaining fairly inexpensive compared with its neighbouring counterparts, there is no surprise that Richmond, London has earned a reputation as a corporate destination. Read on to discover the host of factors which have contributed towards this growth.

Extensive travel links

The various transportation connections that Richmond, London has with Central London and corresponding areas are crucial in securing its title of a corporate destination. With substantial public and road transport links, Central London and Heathrow can both be reached within thirty minutes. This makes it ideal for international travelers, or Northern England residents making use of air travel.

Heathrow airport, travellers from all over the world arrive here and depart to get to the busy capital
One of the busiest airports in the UK, Heathrow is only a short journey away from Richmond making it the ideal location for business travellers

There are a multitude of ways to get to Richmond London from the airport, with the 490 bus taking you direct from Terminal 5 to Richmond. Alternatively; the Tube is a useful way to get around, whether that is from the airport or into central London. Travel is made easier with the ability to now pay your fares with contactless or Apple Pay, making the journey much more convenient if you are in a rush. In addition, fares are also capped so you won’t break the bank on a journey into London.

Easy accessibility is vital for a business district to prosper; a solid transport infrastructure is important for economic growth and the success which Richmond business has acquired is a clear reflection of this.

Increasing opportunities in Richmond London

Extensive transport links, alongside the close proximity to Central London and Heathrow, has resulted in many high profile multi-national and UK based corporations selecting Richmond London as a location for one of their business divisions. In particular, the district has become a hot-spot for the technology industry and so has welcomed many prominent companies. Empires such as eBay, PayPal and the Haymarket Group have all come to Richmond business focused and ready to take advantage of all that the location has to offer.

Within Richmond, business spaces are in high demand as big corporations have moved their offices and warehouses to the area
Many large companies have based their offices in Richmond, increasing employment in the area and transforming the borough into a corporate hub

Labelled as the happiest place to live in London in 2016, the quality of life for employees is a top priority for investing tech companies seeking to entice the best workers in the field. Therefore, Richmond has experienced an influx of young tech professionals. The friendliness of fellow Richmond residents in conjunction with the abundance of recreational activities available makes a corporate move to Richmond from the comparatively cramped London alternatives highly desirable.

Great locations for Richmond business meet-ups

An essential for any business trip is the convenience of attractive facilities and venues near-by to host business meetings or catch up with clients and colleagues. With a highly successful array of hospitality on offer throughout Richmond, business dinners and meetings can be arranged in fantastic settings that are sure to impress whoever you are dining with.

The Petersham, one of many impressive restaurants in Richmond, is the perfect location for dining with colleagues or clients, as its relaxed ambience induces casual conversation. Additionally, the unspoiled, panoramic views of the River Thames present a picturesque setting for hosting.

The location of the Petersham is breath-taking, with an idyllic view of the River Thames hosting a beautiful setting for those dining in this restaurant

Moreover, there are lots of quality conference facilities on offer in Richmond London. Attracting masses of visitors usually , the RFU Stadium in Twickenham and Hampton Court also provide high quality, unique conference facilities. This has allowed Richmond to become a key competitor for conferences and events outside of London, aiding in securing its corporate destination title as business people have flocked to the location to take advantage of the amenities.

Wonderful scenery creating a high quality of life

The spectacular natural scenery of Richmond offers an ideal haven away from the four walls of the workplace. Richmond Park is a beautiful wildlife conservation and home to 630 deer who have contributed to the shaping of the landscape. With many trails for deer-spotting available, you can truly escape the city and get in touch with your wild-side while staying in Richmond London.

630 deer live in Richmond Park which is a certified wildlife conservation and filled with beautiful animals
Richmond Park is inhabited by a range of wildlife, with deer being the most prominent who wander the green space

The park is also host to many cycling and running routes; ideal for the corporate traveler who is keen to let off steam after the working day. Alongside these routes, a golf course also resides in the park. Golf is an indispensable business tool; the accessibility of a course nearby where you can take clients and partners for a game is a fantastic benefit to the location.

The closest golf course to London is this one in Richmond, business meet-ups can be very beneficial in settings like this.
Richmond is home to the closest golf course to central London, offering a brilliant space to meet with clients and colleagues in a relaxed setting

Richmond has shown that it is not just the obvious corporate facilities which contribute to the making of a business hub. These beautiful outdoor spaces have sold the corporate dream to many as the additional benefits which they provide set the town apart from other London districts.

This combination of factors have secured Richmonds business profile, which is evident with the growing number of serviced apartments now available in the area. If you are interested in staying in this flourishing district, why not look at our recent blog on the Five Best Corporate Serviced Apartments Richmond’ and give us a call to discuss your options.

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