The SilverDoor Board To London Serviced Apartments

Written by on 13th December 2016
Category: City guides

By Anton Constantinou

As one of the most iconic board games, Monopoly invites players to buy and sell properties and engage in bidding wars. But Monopoly is more than just a board game; it’s a household name, with over 800 versions released to date, including customisable editions. There’s Monopoly shirts, posters, coffee mugs, art, even travel pass holders.

As any fan of the game will tell you, there’s a lot of financial wisdom to be had from those community chest cards and metal tokens, including “always keep cash on hand”, “be patient”, and “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

One glance at a Monopoly board and you’ll quickly see all the affluent locations that London has to offer, including Knightsbridge, Oxford Street and Belgravia.

Mapping out the city’s serviced apartments in a sequence of squares, we’ve created our own unique spin on a classic Monopoly board. Included for each area are approximate nightly rates for a one bedroom serviced apartment – all data of which has been pulled from the SilverDoor database.

On the top end of the scale is Mayfair at £220 per night, and at the bottom end, Stratford, at a comparative £95 per night. Mayfair occupies an exclusive spot in London’s West End, close to Hyde Park and home to major embassies, headquarters and real estate businesses. It follows that serviced apartments in the district are of an exceptional standard, many boasting luxury furnishings and fitness facilities, along with great views of the local area. Stratford is East London’s main leisure, retail and cultural hub, which makes it an attractive location for business travellers looking to get a bit of shopping in on their visit. It’s also on the doorstep to Canary Wharf: a prominent business district made of major banks and professional services firms.

Bringing the board up to speed with modern day London, we’ve incorporated both the Congestion Charge and Low Emission zones to remind business travellers of the importance of using public transport. Indeed, most of our properties are located in touching distance of buses and trains, so driving really isn’t necessary.

Whether you’re just arriving in for a short stay, or scheduled for a six month temporary relocation to the city, it’s important that you have all the necessary costs to hand when booking your accommodation.




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