Top 10 business travel gadgets

Written by on 15th November 2016
Category: Business Travel

By Anton Constantinou

The world of business travel has never been more gadget-focused: use of mobile apps is on the up, portable devices are the status quo, and a great many gizmos can be purchased on-board a flight. Nowadays, there’s more or less an accessory for everything, from protecting your luggage to ensuring your shirts arrive crease-free at their destination. But, with travel tech in a constant state of flux, it’s easy to fall behind with the latest must-haves. Here to help you on your way are 10 essential business travel gadgets:

10.) Zendure 2nd Gen A3 Portable Charger

Price: £33.95


Ensure all your electronic devices are charged up with this state-of-the-art portable charger. Its crush proof composite design follows a similar look to a suitcase, and contains multiple ports suitable for smartphones, laptops and tablets. Each port automatically detects the device inserted, and is fine-tuned to ensure a maximum charge speed. Better still, the charger retains up to 95% battery after 6 months on standby. The A3 model has a capacity of 10,000mAH and is ideal for long nights out.

9.) Brunton Power Knife

Price: £20.00


Keep all your cables in one place with this ingenious take on a Swiss Army Knife. The product includes a variety of adapter ends and a Micro USB for storing documents on-the-go.

8.) FIDO U2F Security Key

Price: £16.99


Worried about losing your account information by phishing, hacking, or password theft? Fear not. The FIDO U2F Security Key relies on high-security cryptography to protect against the most aggressive of cyber-attacks. It’s durable, conveniently sized, and works at the click of a button. Simply slide it into the USB port of your laptop to generate your secure login credentials. The key is compatible with Apple Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows and Linux.

7.) Tile – Item Finder

Price: £18.00


Put an end to losing your prized possessions with this handy Bluetooth tracker which sends a notification straight to your phone as soon as they’re found. The Tile family includes a backpack device (which attaches with ease), and an even slimmer tracker for you to tuck inside your wallet, purse or passport. Tiny speakers alert you to the Tile’s location with a loud melody that can be heard even beneath a pile of laundry.

6.) Bluesmart Black Edition

Price: £500.00


Making sure your luggage is safe and secure should be a number one priority. This high-tech suitcase connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and is able to perform a number of impressive functions such as remote locking and location tracking. Its hardshell roller uses the latest wheel technology, allowing it to glide through security lanes effortlessly. What’s more, the carryon bag contains an embedded battery charger, so you won’t have to worry about your phone or tablet device running out of juice before the flight.

5.) Salter Luggage Scale

Price: £16.00


Weigh your baggage before you get to the airport with the Salter Luggage Scale. Its LCD display provides you with a quick, easy-to-read breakdown, ensuring that you travel smartly and efficiently. The scale is light, simple to carry and comes with a five year guarantee.

4.) Bose QuietComfort 35

Price: £280.00


Invest in a pair of headphones you can count on: Bose QuietComfort 35 combine noise cancelling technology with wireless Bluetooth capabilities in a convenient fold-up design. With an excellent sound and a first-class microphone, they’re ideal for those alternating between music and business calls.

3.) Divoom Voombox (3rd Generation)

Price: £18.00


Listen to music from the comfort of your serviced apartment with this ultra-portable wireless speaker. Enhanced bass is assured thanks to professional tuning, and its splash-proof design means it’s suitable for listening to in the shower. A long-lasting rechargeable battery provides playback time of up to 6 hours.

2.) Kindle Oasis

Price: £270.00


It’s lighter and thinner than any other Kindle device, and, thanks to an ergonomic hand grip, even easier to use. Page turn buttons let you race through chapters, and it also rotates in sync with your reading position. Most Kindle’s run out of battery within a couple of weeks, but The Oasis lasts months on a single charge.

1.)  Philips Energy Light

Price: £60.00


Counteract the effects of jet lag with light therapy. This lightbox emits a blue glow, replicating a summer sky, to ensure you rise of full of energy, even during the winter months. Research shows our mood levels and circadian rhythms rely heavily on light cues, and advanced blue LED technology allows you to gain a greater hold of them. The device is portable, touch-screen and UV-free. Use for just 15-45 minutes a day to start to seeing a difference.


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