Top Ten Things to do in Berlin on your Business Trip

Written by on 5th August 2020
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One of the most historically and culturally significant cities on the continent, Berlin boasts a lively social scene and plays host to a wide range of recreational activities. From its famously vibrant nightlife to its outdoor food markets, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re visiting Germany for leisure or business travel, Berlin is a city with plenty to offer. Read on to find out our top ten things to do in Berlin.


For those inclined to sample the true Berliner experience, Mauerpark on the south side of the City Centre is the place to go. Every Sunday the park comes alive with Flea Markets, amphitheatre karaoke, authentic food stalls, artisanal beers and live music. Mauerpark Sundays are unquestionably one of the best things to do in Berlin.

dancing performance in the park - things to do in Berlin
Berlin’s Mauerpark is lively and diverse, it’s simply a must-visit

Tiergarten Park

Described as Berlin’s green lung, Tiergarten Park boasts sprawling lawns and tree-lined paths aplenty, making it the capital’s most popular park. The park itself has over 1,000 cycle routes to explore, perfect for cyclists of all abilities. Once a royal hunting grounds, the park now houses many of the city’s top tourist spots like the Berlin Zoo, Victory Column and the Soviet War Memorial. Business travel to Berlin can be as picturesque as it is productive.

city park in Berlin, Berlin wildlife
Tiergarten Park is not your usual inner-city park, with wildlife aplenty and bountiful flora

Museum Island

Positioned on the Spree River, this legendary island houses 5 unique museums. A particular highlight is the Neues Museum, which displays breath-taking works like the unforgettable Ancient Egyptian bust of Nefertiti. For business travellers seeking a relaxing, cultural day out, Museum Island is another staple in our top ten things to do in Berlin.

Museum on Spree River, best things to do in Berlin
Cross the Spree River and take a trip through time on the stunning Museum Island

The Berlin TV Tower

Situated in Alexanderplatz, the city’s largest and most popular public square, The Berlin TV Tower offers some of the most spectacular panoramic views of the German capital. Head up to the remarkable revolving Sphere Restaurant for unparalleled views of the capital as well as some excellent food.

Sphere Restaurant in Berlin Germany, Berlin views
Seemingly set amongst the clouds, The Berlin TV Tower offers unrivalled views of the German capital

The Reichstag Building

The impressiveness of The Reichstag Building’s eco-architecture is perfectly complemented by its historical significance. Home of the German parliament, the building is most famous for its spectacular glass dome which provides abundant natural light to the parliamentary proceedings within. This is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Berlin.

Berlin architecture, German parliament in Berlin
Bright and airy, The Reichstag Building is an unmissable feat of architecture

Take a Walking Tour

An eminently walkable city, the German capital plays host to a number of walking tours to give you an insight and appreciation of its explosive past. There are many reputable companies that actually offer free tours. Hosted by passionate local guides, you’ll visit an array sites such as Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, the Reichstag building and Hitler’s infamous bunker. This is a great way to see some of the best things to do in Berlin.

Checkpoint Charlie Berlin, famous Berlin landmarks
Tour the city’s famous landmarks by foot for a real taste of Berlin culture

Tempelhof Airport

A hugely important strategic site for West Berlin during the Cold War, Tempelhof Airport holds a special place in German history. The airport itself has long since been abandoned, controversially closing its doors for the final time in 2008. The space is now a registered park and is used for a plethora of events, tours and activities, many of which are free.

Abandoned airport in Berlin, things to do in Berlin Germany
Serving as a monument to democracy, Tempelhof Airport is a truly unique experience

Arminius Market Hall

Serving a broad range of cuisines, produce, craft beers and much more, Arminius Market Hall is famously artisanal. The hall itself boasts some of the most striking architecture in the capital, with gothic-style windows as well as cast iron pillars aplenty. Now under National Trust protection, it’s the perfect spot to grab some authentic ingredients to cook up in your serviced apartment in Berlin.

Fresh food at Arminius Market Hall
Arminius Market hall offers a bounty of fresh food, drink and flowers from across the globe

Watch the sunset at Grunewald Forest

Often overlooked due to the liveliness of the city itself, the spectacular Grunewald Forest flanks the West side of Berlin. Scattered through the verdant forest are a great many lakes and ponds and an abundance of wildlife. This makes it the perfect escape from the hubbub of central Berlin. Here you’ll find Teufelsberg (Devil’s mountain), the highest hill in Berlin and a perfect outpost from which to enjoy the sunset.

Sunset view at Grunewald forest
Steeped in history, this magical forest is abundant with life and offers remarkable views of its surrounds

Charlottenburg Palace

Opulent and imposing, Charlottenburg Palace is another attraction not to be missed. With sprawling gardens and grand staterooms festooned with gold and silver, visitors can spend hours meandering through the exquisite grounds. Without question, visiting this stunning palace is one of the best things to do in Berlin.

Palace in Berlin, top ten things to do in Berlin
Breath-takingly elegant, Charlottenburg Palace is as lavish as it is vast

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