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All you need to know about Luxembourg

Luxembourg Palace and national flag
Country Facts - Luxembourg
Luxembourg is a landlocked country in Western Europe; it is bordered by Belgium to the north and west, Germany to the east and France to the south. It is also one of the smallest nations in Europe. It has an advanced economy and has the world’s second highest GDP per capita.

Ranked fourth in the quality of life index, Luxembourg has a diversified economy. The country is the second largest investment fund centre, and banking and finance account for a lot of the economy. Contributing factors to this include the political stability, good communications and the central location of Luxembourg. In the past it was seen however as a tax haven, with questionable banking arrangements, but has since modified its tax laws to avoid this reputation.

Over 10% of the economy is sourced from tourism, and Luxembourg welcomes over 900,000 tourists yearly. It has been placed as the 15th most popular tourist destination worldwide, and the major tourist destinations include Luxembourg City, the castle of Vianden and Echternach. With all round good transport, the country is also popular among business travellers.
Being a popular destination for business travel, Luxembourg has many different serviced accommodation options throughout the country. The quarter of Strassen is home to many of the businesses and serviced accommodation is popular in this area, as it is also a popular destination to travel from.

Key Facts
Capital: Luxembourg
Population: 549,680
Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)
Language: French, German & Luxembourgish
Dominant religion: mostly Catholic
Time zone: CET (UTC+1)
Main exports: machinery and equipment, steel, chemicals
Internet domain: .lu
Dial code: +352