Technology in your serviced apartment

Technology in your serviced apartment

Written by on 18th February 2015
Category: Business Travel

There are certain technologies that have now become a necessity rather than a luxury in today’s modern world. It’s only when we’re without them that we realise how much we rely on particular gadgets or tech on a daily basis. Providing technology in business accommodation can instantly ensure travellers’ lives are made easier. So, what can you expect to find in your serviced apartment?

A fast internet connection is essential for business travellers. If you’re working away from home you want to be able to do just that – work. A limited connection can be extremely frustrating and hinder productivity significantly. Wi-Fi that’s charged by the hour can cause spiralling expenses and a hefty bill for employers.

With over 70 per cent of serviced apartments including Wi-Fi in their rates, the industry understands what business travellers want from their corporate accommodation. You can even let your SilverDoor Client Account Manager know if you need a particularly fast connection and they’ll source a suitable apartment for your needs.

Sky TV

When away on business, having a few home comforts around can make the world of difference to how relaxed and comfortable you feel. Sky have introduced a bespoke serviced apartment package which means in many serviced apartments you can now keep up with the news from around the world, watch live sports or catch up on your favourite TV shows after a busy day of meetings.

Many serviced apartments provide Hi-Fi systems so you can listen to music as you unwind. Moving into the kitchen, many serviced apartments come equipped with a dishwasher (personally one of my favourite inventions), washing machine and a coffee machine.

Technology is there to make your life easier and more comfortable. Having the same technology that you would expect in your home, in your serviced apartment, is what operators are aiming for.