The Ultimate Guide To Ensuring You’re Not Bumped Off The Plane On Your Next Flight [Infographic]

Written by on 9th May 2017
Category: Business Travel

Being bumped off a flight is usually the result of overbooking which is where airlines take more bookings than can actually fit on the plane in case of the event that someone doesn’t turn up for their flight.

Overbooking has taken a big hit in the news recently but, depending on how you look at it, being bumped off the plane can be a good thing as you could barter some serious rewards from the airline; some people actually choose to get bumped off.

However, in the case that you absolutely don’t want to get bumped off, this is the ultimate guide for you. Although there is no way that you can guarantee that your seat on any flight is safe, here are a few pointers which will keep your seat as safe as possible.

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