The World’s Most Luxurious First Class Plane Cabins

The World’s Most Luxurious First Class Plane Cabins

The World’s Most Luxurious First Class Plane Cabins
26th June 2018

One of the greatest things about travelling on business is flying in style. No one likes a cramped plane, and a little luxury goes a long way at 30,000 feet. Why settle for a pokey seat and a sub-standard meal when you can kick back on a queen-sized bed with a glass of champagne in hand. We give you the world’s most luxurious first class plane cabins:

1. Singapore Airlines A380 - First Class

Each first class suite on Singapore Airlines comes complete with an exclusive private area boasting high-end colognes and skin care products. Passengers receive an extravagant five course meal and a set of complimentary pyjamas, along with a personal upholstered leather armchair in which to unwind. There are also private screening areas offering touchscreen monitors and state-of-the-art entertainment systems. What more could you ask for?

2. Emirates - First Class

For a truly unforgettable experience, look no further than Emirates. Signature features in first class include a shower spa with heated floors, and a luxury lounge bar, where passengers can get to know each other. Enjoy a cocktail from the comfort of your seat, along with a snack basket, by taking advantage of the on-board minibar, available any time of the day.

3. Qantas 380 - First Class

All first class suites on Qantas have extra wide beds with sumptuous pillows, blankets and duvets. The dining is exceptional and includes both a la carte and tasting menus. For wine, speak to one of the on-board sommeliers, who will be able to recommend the perfect accompaniments to your meals. The entertainment offering includes touch screen systems and noise cancelling headphones, perfect for long flights.

4. British Airways - First Class

A distinctive feature in BA’s first class cabins is the ambient lighting which changes depending on the time of the day, providing a natural state of flux. Each suite is fully-functional and includes a personal power supply for electronic devices and laptops, while the luxury on-board menu brings together dishes from some of the world’s top chefs.

5. Etihad Airways - First Class

A typical first class cabin on Etihad Airways features sliding doors, remote controlled blinds, and cosy leather seats that turn into beds. Passengers get their very own personal wardrobe and refreshment cabinet, and can make use of a communal space called The Lobby. There’s also an upper deck with connectivity ports.

6. Japan Airlines - First Class

The seats in first class on Japan Airlines are made from fine leather, while the carpeted floor beneath has a beautiful marble pattern. The cabins are closed off and feature storage compartments and wood panelling, giving them the feel of personal libraries. There’s a choice of eastern and western cuisine, prepared and executed to a high standard. Amenities range from eye masks to hand and body cream.

7. Air France - First Class 

The “La Premiere Experience” is as extravagant as it gets. Not only do you get your very own personalised living space with a cloakroom, bedside lamp and sofa, but you’re also given over 1,000 hours of on-demand entertainment. A number of crew members are on-hand to attend to your every need, be it regular refreshments or extra amenities.

8. Thai Airways - Royal First Class

This airline invites you to fly like a member of the Thai royal family. A hostess greets you with a glass of chilled champagne as you board the plane before leading you to your private cabin. The cabins are fashioned to an exceptional standard, combining contemporary design and Thai-inspired elegance. Features include in-flight lounges and changing rooms.  Better still, there’s a “Chef on Call” service, which allows to you to request special menus on long haul flights.


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